American Flags

American Flags

North Bay Industries (NBI) manufactures a very unique American Flag. Our gorgeous flag is made entirely from products and materials that are certified “Made in America”. NBI has been making this flag for Veterans Affairs since 1994 when the “made in America” restrictions weren’t part of the requirements. In 1998 NBI was instrumental in encouraging Congress to make the flag with American grown and processed materials and we’re very proud of that accomplishment.

From the cotton we use to weave our cloth, the chemicals we use to dye it, the thread we use to make the seams, and the entire manufacturing process; our flag is genuinely American Made.

NBI uses upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) grown and picked in states such as Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, California, Oklahoma, and the Carolinas. Upland cotton is a tropical cotton native to Central America and constitutes roughly 95% of all cotton grown in the United States. Cultivation of this cotton in America dates back to the 1700’s.

The upland cotton is woven in mills located in Texas, Georgia and South Carolina. The woven cloth then gets dyed vibrant Old Glory Red, Old Glory Blue and Snow White in a finishing plant in South Carolina and Georgia. The same cotton and processes are applied in the manufacturing of the thread used to sew our flag.

The flag is then manufactured at our Rohnert Park facility by American workers, most of whom have moderate to severe disabilities. NBI offers a fully integrated work force with continuous vocational and skill training allowing employees to enjoy working in many different areas of the production line.

Large rolls of the Old Glory Red and Snow White dyed cotton arrive in our warehouse where the magic of flag manufacturing begins. These rolls of red and white are prepared and cut into stripes to be joined together on machines running at 5,000 RPM.

The Old Glory Blue field with the 50 beautifully embroidered stars from a factory in South Carolina is attached to the stripes. The flag is finished with the fly end being hemmed and a header being attached to the field end. Once those have been added, we put two American brass grommets on the header for the final touch and our flag is complete.

NBI and our employees take great patriotic pride in our flag manufacturing and to ensure excellent quality, we perform 100% inspection on every flag that leaves our production line. So you can be assured that any flag you receive from NBI, is an item made with pride and great care.